Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is not a hotel

“Do you understand what a DV Shelter is?”

Too many people in the world assume the niceness of a person is a weakness…and sometimes it is. However, I for one am not weak. The newest member of the Bad Male Choice Club asked me about chores and I explained that each of us has a chore or two to do each and every night. The woman said

“But I don’t eat here and I work.”

Me: "You can do your chores before or after work.”

“I work very late.”

Me: “I’m sure that will be fine with staff if you do them a little later.”

“Who makes this list because I need to tell them I work.”

Me: “The staff. Even though you work you still have to do chores.”

She looks for help from the other woman (Spanish speaking only) and they converse.

Let me get this straight…

You believe that because you work you shouldn’t have to do chores? I had to quite a job I was hired for only a short time after getting it because I had to leave my abusive boyfriend and go to a shelter. So how badly were you “abused” that he won’t track you down at your job? If you have a job where he (or she) will not stalk you, than you have a way out of an abusive relationship and have no need for a shelter. That or you should be paying a small fee for staying at a shelter. The shelter is NON profit and there are a lot of fees associated with shelters...any house in general.

Being sick and a bit bitchy I want to tell this lazy bitch who even now is just sitting on the couch watching TV and not doing her fair share ....

"Hey, your not working now. Instead of enjoying all the comforts of free living, why don't you pretend not to abuse the opportunity you've been given and do your fair share of the household upkeep?"

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