Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fucking Rude

The staff brought us a whole chicken that is way too much for one person, so one of the residents and I asked everyone if they wanted to do a potluck dinner (DINNER.)

The former doctor's wife said she would join in and we were all delighted because she has been snobbish and rude towards the rest of us. However come Saturday and she is just being nothing but rude and inconsiderate.

Everyone knows I wake up and go into the common areas every morning at the same time. Today I woke up late at 9 am (much later then I normally wake up) and she tells me I can't go into the common area because she is cleaning. I tell her I have work to do and I can't put it off. She says five minutes then. Ok, fine. I give her ten and go get my medicine.

I set up my computer and go to the kitchen to take my pill and she says again I can't go in there. I show her medicine and tell her I need to take my meds. She sighs heavily and says again, five minutes. OK than... She is really bossy.... She than tells the new resident to go wash off the entire backyard and proceeds to tell her how to do it and what to do. The problem is that she tells her to do it by turning on the hose right as one of the residents is outside with no shoes on. Rude things like this have been happening all week long.

She starts making her potluck dinner stuff and we're like um ok. It’s early but sure. She dones around 1pm and we than start our cooking (a resident and I) We spend the entire afternoon cutting, mixing, stuffing and cooking and as soon as it's almost done she announces that it's too late. Lunch is from 12 to 2 and it’s too late now. I tell her it was a potluck dinner, not lunch but whatever. She says she's going to the park and will be back later.

I really don't care anymore. We (other residents) have tried to be nice and she has done nothing but rude and inconsiderate to us. We have spoken to staff about it and all along I have said I don't want to get involved because of what happened before with the previous resident (Special K). But now if the other resident tells staff I will back her up. I really feel like she has metaphorically spit on me and I'm done. I'm going to avoid her as much as possible but I know me and confrontation is something I very much need to work on. I don't handle it without having an attitude.

We're pretty sure she is not even from an abusive partner as she is going to a university (education), divorcing her husband (no police report,) doesn't attend any of the support groups and her daughter is in private school...she is just here for free rent.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Change of Life

The good news is that I will only be set back by a week or two at most. I can probably start my new job on Monday but I will have to bring with me a back pillow. My new boss is being really understanding about this so there is no worry that I won’t be starting a new job.

But with the back injury comes changes. For starters I’m now taking calcium supplements and will be doing so for the rest of my life. If I ever planned to jump from an airplane or bungee jump, that is now not a possibility. Thankfully, being a human piƱata has never appealed to me. In addition to the more strenuous activity loss, I will also have to start going to yoga for daily stretching to ensure that my muscles are both stretched and build up a bit more muscle strength.  Lastly, I’ll have to wear a brace for my knee, both ankles and a bathing suit with back support if I want to go swimming in the ocean.

So all in all… expensive but not done for. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

20 Best Islands To Live On

I’m sitting in bed prompted up by two pillows and a blanket underneath and I’m reading the number 20 of the magazine Islands – 20 Best Islands To Live On. I promise myself that I will visit each and every one of those islands someday… someday by the time I’m 60; that is my new life goal. But for now I’m laid up in a domestic violence shelter bed with a pinched nerve after spending the last two months recovering from a herniated disc injury, again.

We have two new residents and one is already a bit miffed with the current one that I'm not overly fond of either. The main complaint - her child having hourly temper tantrums and having fun of common area literally bouncing off the walls. I tell her what lesson I learn and was told by a staff member. "Your here for you and just you. Don't worry about anyone else but you."

I go to explain that I'm as friendly as I can be but I avoid conflict to a fault. Its just not worth it, I say to her.

The other new resident is young and I think a little naive. She was telling me what she thought the shelter would be like describing all the scary things "bums, drug addicts, men and women sharing one big room, gays."

Gays? You classify being gay with bums & drug addicts? Oh boy.... I kept my mouth shut {avoid conflict} I just nod my head. I think instead of all the "It gets better" ads we need to have a campaign with positive, good influence / role model type gay people do an ad to show all the Hollywood stereo typing of gays & lesbians is bullshit. This is why people who are gay are afraid to come out.

So I won't be starting my new job until probably next week...until my back recovers enough to allow me to sit at a desk for a few hours. It sucks, but I won't be defeated. Its only a setback.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sneezing, aching and miserable time of the year.

I hate the Fall due to my health limitations and this Fall weekend has brought the WTF inside the house. I hope it leaves soon.

We have a new resident but she’s only here for a few days. She’s going back home to family out of state.

The other resident who is still here is mind boggling. She apparently knows how to cook but every time she pulls out raw food she puts it on the top shelf in the refrigerator. Doesn’t everyone know, at least all people who are cooks know that you never put raw food on the top shelf? Even if it is in a bag? If it leaks it leaks from top to bottom and ruins all the food underneath it – YUCK.

I believe one of the staff members finally told her that she has to share in the cleaning of the entire house..she actually mopped once. Of course she did it during the time she knows I work and it was super annoying, but I kept my mouth shut. I don’t need the stress.

Brownies for breakfast… oh yea, that’s nourishing for a 5 year…and you wonder why your child is bouncing off the walls and screeching like a banshee.

My back is giving me tremendous amount of pain and I’m really hope it’s just the cold as I suppose to start my new job tomorrow afternoon. But every time I get up I’m in agonizing pain and even dizzy - not good. I’ve tried sitting up for my computer and it still hurts horribly. I can barely concentrate on what I’m doing it hurts so bad.

General Relief (GR) - what a joke! The "workers" they hire literally cannot do two things at once, have short fuses, are bitter and have to be talked to like a 3 year old. I wish was over exaggerating.  I had to spell my last name which is not hard twice. I called her because she left a voice mail for me to do so and then snapped at me for calling her telling me she can't do anything until Monday.

So I can't even get my stupid $160 to buy myself business clothes until a minimum of Wednesday. GROW is suppose to help with that but because the  (GROW) worker barely understands English said she won't even talk to me until she receives notice from my (GR) worker who can't or won't look for the stupid report until Monday. Then it gets approve (2 to 3 days) and the 2 to 3 days is in theory. THAN I can go to my GROW worker (make an appointment) for employment assistance. I was told by someone in line that in actuality it can take up to 2 weeks to approve a stupid monthly report and go through GROW for employment assistance...and it doesn't matter that the worker never sent it to me.  

Uggg - bring on winter already.