Friday, October 1, 2010


The seven eight signs of the apocalypse.

There are eight... Special K was nice to me by complimenting me. That has got to be a sign of apocalypse. Maybe she came down from whatever it is she is or has but the day before yesterday she wished me good luck on my interview....and meant it. Then she walked out and never came back to the shelter. Didn’t bother to tell the staff where she was going or even calling to say she was leaving. They had no idea where she was or if she was even dead. She finally called today to get her belongings. No thank you for housing me or feeding me, just I want my stuff back.

The second interview went great and I’m scheduled for a third on Monday. Now the big worry is where I will live. It’s in another county and I know that both the homeless shelters and transitional housing programs are full. I spent today emailing churches and community resources. Two got back to me so far. Unfortunately one doesn't open their shelter until December. But the other asked me for my resume as proof I'm real and not some scammer. Plus my case manager (much better one this time) is planning to talk to me Tuesday. This way I'll know or hopefully I will know better if this job really is going to happen.

I called my first DV roommate a few days ago and she emailed me tonight. She's not made at me for flaking out. I was worried she would be disappointed or something or figure that I wasn't worth the time if I couldn't get it right the first time (for her knowing me.) And I will get it right this time. We're going to try to meet for lunch come Monday.

I did terrible at my last interview for a different company. I was over confident and under prepared. Uggg, won't let that happen again.

My current roommate is going back home to her original home state. I'm pretty glad she’s going. I had a lot of fun with her last weekend but she become a mooch, always asking me to buy her this or that. Not interested in being anyone's proxy boyfriend. Especially to one who wants nothing but luxury items and doesn't even appreciate the things she's given by the shelter. She actually threw away some extremely nice clothing because she couldn't fit it in her backpack. I savaged them because I know there will be another woman who will need them after she leaves. Plus, she's a hidden slob. She throws food under tables or chairs and leaves them there. Yuck!

As of 9 pm tonight, I have a casual weekend and a room all to myself...ahhhhh. I plan to enjoy it while I can.