Thursday, August 5, 2010

Target practice isn't fun if you’re the target.

I was talking to the son of the trauma queen as he was trying to think of the name of a country but saying "it's a state," until he said Jamaica. Without sounding snobbish (at least I didn't think I sounded snobbish) I explained the difference between states, countries and continents. His mom thought this was me showing off my smartness - whatever.

Yesterday morning, my roommate discovered that the trauma queen's Shelter BBF took her purse, rummage through it and then brought it to her saying her daughter took it to the bathroom. The daughter was in the living room the whole time. The four of us were in the same area when this occurred so it's impossible the daughter could have. After what happened she came to me to ask what could be done if she has written down her cc numbers, ID numbers and or SSN. I advised her to call and put warning flags on her cc agency as well as her SSN just in case of future identify theft. I have little doubt that the woman heard even part of this as she is constantly walking around the house from room to room.

This morning, Trauma Queen & BBF met with one of the house attendees in private outside the kitchen ensuring we both would view the meeting - this isn't the normal meeting place for serious discussions I'm told. Now I'm being given the cold shoulder and hmmfs whenever trauma queen comes into the room. The previous target told me this is how it first started with her.

This is ridiculous... I'm now looking at two different transitional housings so I can get away from this mess as soon as possible.

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