Friday, August 6, 2010


I was denied General Relief


Because I am not a drug addict, not on the streets literally, I don’t live with a landlord who would accept up to $300 for rent and I'm not pregnant. Because all I seek is transportation help to get to and from jobs, money to pay for my legal medication(I don’t qualify for medical) and a few dollars for life necessities, I don't qualify.

If I’m not able to get a job within walking distance soon or into transitional housing soon my only option is to fake being a drug addict so I can get into rehab. In rehab, I was told from a rehab "graduate"  I can potentially qualify for disability / SSI, re-training at numerous places including actual colleges – for FREE. A metro bus pass for up to three years, free housing and rental assistance (free rent) to move into a new apartment…I’m thinking speed.

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