Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shelter Theft / Crime

Only a little better.

  • A previous resident warned me of the two woman here (Trauma Queen and BBF.)
  • My roommate had her purse rummage through and $5 stolen.

Today I went through my tote bag where I keep my personal paperwork stored - informational flyers, one old paystub, application to GR and unemployment app & denial letters ect... all of which has my full name, SSN and CA ID number. As I was cleaning it from things I need and things I do not I discovered someone had placed a financial record account letter from the former resident who left due to the multiple harassment she received from Trauma Queen and BBF. If any of the Shelter Attendees had done a room / personal belongs search before I discovered this, it would have made me look extremely guilty...

TAG - I'm it.

I can't tell any of this to an Attendees because if I do TQ & BBF will know and Target Practice will commence.


Minutes after typing this TQ is complaining that 'someone' stole her trashcan and bitching harshly at her son. I had better go check my room.

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