Friday, September 10, 2010

Still here

and slowly growing stronger. Each day I get a little stronger and a little more use from my back. But it definitely sucks having an injured back when the skies overhead are so blue.

I'm signed up for General Relief which I learned is not free money like CalWorks. General Relief money is paid back once you have a job. In addition, I can't participate in any kind of GR 'job club'  including sitting through boring orientations and work shops (which are require prior to their job club) until I am released from doctor's orders. Sucks because the orientation and workshops take three weeks...I'm out for three more weeks.

No worries though, the WIA program is separate from GR and I can attend their orientation and workshop(s)  which may also take up to three weeks before the actual job assistance starts.

My 'roommate' is from Skid Row and rarely sleeps in her bed. I believe she could be one of the Skid Row rape victims I've read about; not going to ask though. She's easy enough to avoid conflict with but like Trauma Queen has some pretty severe emotional difficulties. She'll probably be granted her SSI benefits -  very noticeable mental defects.

One of the residents is older then me and is in the process of obtaining her citizenship. She's seriously considering a career within the LAPD. Too old to be a police officer but I'm sure (or hope) there are a lot of other opportunities.

Me... I am so bored. I can't wait until I can walk for more than 10 minutes.

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