Sunday, September 12, 2010

A case of Cybil or just avoiding police/ ICE?

Relatives identify the Guatemalan day laborer as Manuel Jamines. But coroner's officials find a fingerprint match with the name Manuel Ramirez and immigration papers calling him Gregorio Luis Perez. - LA Times

I am not anti immigrants, I’m anti illegal immigrants (from any country) and this is only one example of why.

Manuel Jaminez, a name they obtained from a cousin at the scene.
Why would you let your cousin or any member of your family sleep outside (near where you live) and not get him into professional medical help? Even if he refused you can legally say he was (and he was in fact) a threat to himself and potentially others.

Protests, memorials and sporadic bouts of violence have occurred in the neighborhood almost daily since an LAPD bicycle officer shot and killed the laborer near 6th Street and Union Avenue. It was around 1 p.m. when a pedestrian flagged down a group of three bicycle officers. They were told that a man with a knife was threatening people, according to a police statement.

Officers approached the man, ordered him to drop the knife several times in both English and Spanish, and opened fire when he allegedly lunged at one of the officers, authorities said.

Police said that they recovered a knife from the scene and that detectives are investigating the killing.
...and if the police left your neighborhood you would all scream discrimination for not receiving the same police assistance that other rich white neighborhood receive :/

The officer that shot him has been brought up on previous charges for excessive force. So this does bring up some questions on could he have injured the man to disable him from an attack? Was his shot the only choice he had in protecting himself, his fellow offers and the public?

The man was wielding a knife and making threats to both pedestrians and police officers. That alone says he is a dangerous threat if only at that moment. 

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