Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'm an adult woman and I am dealing with a bully who hasn't grown up. But I like how Ruben Navarrette Jr. (nationally syndicated columnist & contributor) said it best about today's world.

What used to be considered unacceptable is now thought to be normal, and what used to be normal is now unacceptable.

Father defends his daughter - why didn't the school? 

...the 42-year-old father from Lake Mary, Florida, stormed onto a school bus and -- in a screed captured on video -- threatened the bus driver and some of the students with bodily harm.

"Now everybody sit down; sit down," Jones says on the tape. And then, addressing his daughter: "Show me which one. Show me which one." The girl points in the direction of a group of students, which Jones then approaches. He told them: "This is my daughter, and I will kill the [expletive] who fought her." He also threatened the bus driver.

Jones obviously behaved badly. But he was trying to do the right thing. He didn't board that bus to bully students as some have suggested. This isn't a story about a grown man terrorizing kids for the fun of it.

When is bullying going to be an unacceptable activity?

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